welcome to my annual monthly wrap up post!


physical haul

the unwanted | silver tears

the other side of beautiful | false witness | falling | the upper world

tim te maro and the subterranean heartsick blues


read in july:

(links are to goodreads pages and are unaffiliated)

so july was a fairly good month for me. i read 26 books (!!!!!)

last months 5 star reads:

robin’s hood: a tale of sherwood forest – 5/5 stars

a deal with the elf king – 5/5 stars

falling – 5/5 stars

the other side of beautiful – 5/5 stars

chain of iron – 5/5

a dance with the fae prince – 5/5

4 star reads

the shadows of versailles – 4/5 stars

they wish they were us – 4/5 stars

an echo in onxy – 4/5 stars

dragon lake – 4/5 stars

an echo in amethyst – 4/5 stars

fire falling – 4/5 stars

earth’s end – 4/5 stars

voyager – 4/5 stars

false witness – 4/5 stars

child of fear and fire – 4/5 stars

chain of gold – 4/5 stars

3 star reads

the golden cage – 3/5 stars

water’s wrath – 3/5 stars

crystal crowned – 3/5 stars

clockwork prince – 3/5 stars

silver tears – 3/5 stars

clockwork princess – 3/5 stars

ignite me – 3/5 stars

2 star reads

an adventure – 2/5 stars

1 star reads

an echo in emerald – 1/5 stars

on the blog in july:

a deal with the elf king – review

the breath between waves – cover reveal

the fae of bitter thorn (book 2 & 3) – review

becoming brooklyn – review

robin’s hood – review

dragon lake – review

fairies and frosting – guest post

falling – review

mid year freak out – book tag

writing wrap up:

for those of you that don’t know, last month was camp nanowrimo! this is my first time participated was in 2015!

as i’m only just getting back into writing now, i decided to start with a small goal of 30k words. (my previous goals of 50k were successfully met). unfortunately, i only managed to write 20k, but i still see this as an achievement – i’ve managed to start writing regularly (not quite every day, but close enough).

towards the end of the month, i decided to change my entire outline. although this affected my wordcount (i basically started again), i’m happy with how things are turning out.

did you participate in camp nano? if so, how did you do?

thank you for taking the time to read this overly long (and not very eventful) post. feel free to comment your wrap up posts below, and i’ll check them out. 😊😊


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    Wow, looks like you had an amazing month. 26 books and plenty of 4 and 5 stars!

    1. avatar

      couldn’t have asked for a better month!!

  2. avatar

    Congratulations for getting back into writing and 20K sounds like a lot to me. So many 5 stars – I LOVE THAT! The Other Side of Beautiful has me interested.

    1. avatar

      i can’t recommend the other side of beautiful enough! it’s such a great story.

  3. avatar

    You read so many books – and had lots of higher star ratings too, which is amazing! I had a tougher July. I read a lot of good books but practically nothing actually caught my attention until the last 4 books of the month. Thankfully all of those wound up with five stars! Hope your August is just as great!

    1. avatar

      at least july ended on a high note for you! hopefully august is filled with lots of 5 star reads!

  4. avatar

    That was a good reading month for you!

    1. avatar

      yes it was! thank you.

  5. avatar

    Congrats on reading so much in July. We also enjoyed They Wish They Were Us.

    1. avatar

      glad you enjoyed it!

  6. avatar

    Great post! You bought some absolutely gorgeous books this month! 😊

    1. avatar


  7. avatar

    Congratulations on 26 books in July! Well done!

    1. avatar

      thank you so much! πŸ’•

  8. avatar

    wow, looks like you had a great month! I’m excited to read chain of gold and chain of iron! hope you have a wonderful augustπŸ’œ

    1. avatar

      i hope you enjoy them as much as i did! and i hope you have a good august too!

  9. avatar

    Congratulations, you seem to have had a great month, a whole load of books and back into your writing! Great post!

    1. avatar

      thank you! july was an excellent month for me. i hope august is just as good.

  10. avatar

    26 books in a month is AWESOME, especially when you’ve loved most of the books! Hope the same energy continues in August for you πŸ™‚

    1. avatar

      thank you!! and i hope so too!

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    Wow you had a great month! And congrats on writing again!

  12. avatar

    Wow you had a great month! A lot of books!

    1. avatar

      thank you, and it was!

  13. avatar

    Wow – 26 books is pretty impressive! And I’m glad you enjoyed so many of them 😊 And writing 20K words in addition to all that reading definitely isn’t bad, either! Good luck with all your future writing endeavors!

    1. avatar

      thank you, thank YOU!!

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