welcome to my monthly wrap up post! here, you’ll find everything that happened in june, including: an unhaul, what i read, blog posts, and my writing.



never saw me coming

story origin:

court of bitter thorn

libro fm:

the maidens

malibu rising


before you knew my name


earth’s end

read in june:

(links are to goodreads pages and are unaffiliated)

the project

court of bitter thorn (the fae of bitter thorn #1)

castle of bitter thorn (the fae of bitter thorn #2)

crown of bitter thorn (the fae of bitter thorn #3)

never saw me coming

becoming brooklyn

house of hollow

the maidens

malibu rising


the girl from the well

the suffering

on the blog in june:

the sunshine blogger award

court of bitter thorn review

never saw me coming review

the things i dislike about bookstagram

house of hollow review

air awakens review (old review and a reread review)

the maidens review

july 2021 releases

writing wrap up:

so i’m unsure if any of you know, but i used to write! recently, i’ve started picking that back up again. i’ve managed to complete a full outline of my novel, and written the first few chapters. i’m hoping this is a project that i’ll see through to the end, because my last few didn’t.

if you’d like more writing updates (word count goals, character moodboards, etc.), please comment below and let me know! and if you write too, i’d love to know your top writing tips!

(also, please, someone tell me how to do up a map)


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    great wrap-up! i can’t wait to see what you think of the maidens! i hope you have a lovely july💜🖤

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      thank you!! i hope you have a great july too!!

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    ooh looks like you had a good reading month!! i’m especially curious about the project and malibu rising!

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      thank you!! personally, both were underwhelming, but i hope you enjoy them more when/if you read them!

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    Awesome wrap-up! I’ve written in the past and got a lot done but then would rework and procrastinate it. Maybe one day I will get back to it. I hope your writing goes well!

    1. avatar

      thank you!! i hope it goes better than normal too, as i’m very much the same. first draft is easy, everything else is so difficult!

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    Nice wrap up and good luck with your writing!

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      thank you! happy reading in july! 💕

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    Great wrap-up!! So many amazing books on here! 🥰 Happy july!!

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      thank you! and happy july to you too!

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    Looks like a good month! I also got Malibu Rising, and I’m hoping to read it soon! 💛

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      thank you! and i hope you enjoy it!

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    Woahhh you read so many books last month, teach me your ways! Haha. I’d also love to see writing updates, I’m just working on mine atm too! 🙂

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      Are you doing Nano this month? Or just writing in general?
      And I’m a very, very slow reader, but I’ve discovered that audiobooks work really well for me (and when those aren’t available, using Text to Speech on ebooks works well too).

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    Becky says:

    Great wrap up!!

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