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realm breaker, rule of wolves, black violet

read in may:

(links are to goodreads pages and are unaffiliated)

on the blog in may:

on the ‘gram in may:

unfortunately, i didn’t get much else in, as all my time was spent reading. i listened to a couple podcasts, but nothing that i haven’t already previously noted. no tv shows were watched, no new music was listened to.

thank you for stopping by my may wrap up. i hope you left with a bigger tbr than you came.


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    Awesome! I love how you show us what you’ll be posting June 🙂 I’m also looking to read The Poppy War in June. Hope we both enjoy it

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      thanks for stopping by!

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    You read such great books in May. I hope to get to a few of them soon, like Rule of Wolves. Happy reading in June!

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      you too! hopefully june is just as good as may has been

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    It looks like you had a good reading month in May. I loved Crooked Kingdom when I read it.

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      i’m surprised it took me so long to read them! crooked kingdom was amazing.

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    Those are some great books and most on my TBR! Haha. I hope you have an awesome June!!

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      thank you! i hope you do too!

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    Hi Leslie, I’ve tagged you in this post: https://wp.me/pbWIBM-ew I hope you enjoy writing your own post in response!

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    Ooo congrats on your reading month! Can’t wait to hear what you thought about the poppy war!

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      5/5 mate. it was fantastic!

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    You’ve read some great books in May! Hope you have a good June too 🙂

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      I hope so! and you too

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    omg crooked kingdom is an old beloved favourite of mine and im currently reading the poppy war ! hope u have a great june as well

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      I hope you’re enjoying the poppy war! I loved it

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    ooh i really loved the poppy war and crooked kingdom! hope you have a lovely june! ❤

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      thank you! I’m glad you loved them, they were definitely my favorites from May! hope you have a lovely June too

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    You read lots of great fantasy last month!

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      yeah, this month looks to be more mystery/thriller. i need a break!

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    Looks like you’ve had an awesome reading run last Month! I love your photos!

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      thank you! i was lucky to read many good books last month!

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