i received a copy of nightbirds from allen & unwin nz in exchange for an honest review.

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nightbirds review

first things first, just look at that damn cover!! isn’t it stunning! 😍

admittedly, i mostly picked this book up due to it’s beautiful cover. i was pleasantly blown away by the contents inside. i was a little confused at the start as the author just dives head first into things, but you soon figure out where you are.

the magic system is something truly unique in this book. i love the creativity the author put into planning things out. everything was explained in a way that was easy to grasp, and i wasn’t confused.

i really loved the characters. we have several main ones, and they were all special on their own way. i don’t even think i have a favourite as i loved them all.

this book also features queer characters!! i love when fantasy books include this. there’s no reason an imaginary world should have the same issues as our real one. it was really nice to see inclusivity.

i also really loved how the romance didn’t overpower the plot. i’m a strong believer that a romance subplot is a SUB plot not the main plot. it was nice to see the sprinkling of romance instead of being snowed under by it.

as a whole, i have nothing bad to say about this book. it’s truly an amazing book, and i’m glad i had the opportunity to read it. i haven’t seen it on social media a lot, and wished that it was getting the love other mediocre books are getting.

i dislike writing reviews where i have nothing bad to say about the book, but i genuinely have nothing bad to say! i really enjoyed this book.

buy your copy now!

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    I mean?? You can’t exactly go wrong with books featuring magic and QUEER CHARACTERS and pretty covers too right?? DEFINITELY READING THIS ASAP THANK YOU.

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