i haven’t done a top ten tuesday in a very long time (and certainly not on this shiny new blog of mine). top ten tuesday is hosted by that artsy reader girl. this weeks topic is “Book Titles That Are Complete Sentences“. granted i struggled to complete the list, but i made 10.

all links are to goodreads pages, and are not affiliated with them in any way.

  1. i’d tell you i love you but i’d have to kill you

2. one of us is lying

3. how to hang a witch

4. not if i save you first

5. ruby redfort: blind and you die

6. the inexplicable logic of my life

7. i am number four

8. an ember in the ashes

9. the princess saves herself in this one

10. the conspiracy of us

all of these books have made it into my top ten for books with sentences as titles. i hope this helps as recommendations for some. they’re all wonderful books.


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    Well you did great!!!

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      thank you sophie!

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    I just recently reread An Ember in the Ashes. It was still awesome the second time around! Great list!

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      thank you! i will probably reread an ember in the ashes when i have time as i wish to continue with the series but i don’t remember much about it. thanks for stopping by!

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    Oh, wow, this whole layout is beautiful

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      aw thank you!! 😊 😊

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    Ohh- all nice picks! Most of them have gorgeous covers too πŸ₯°

    I haven’t verified, but I feel like full sentences would be much easier for me too rather than one word title πŸ˜… specially with french books ahah

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      full sentence titles are great for social media as you can shorten them and everyone knows what you’re talking about.

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    The whole Gallagher Girls series and One Of Us Is Lying are amazing books! I’m always okay to re-read them thousand times! Thanks for the other suggestion, nice post!

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      am considering re reading gallagher girls, as i miss the world so much.

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