i received strange gods from the author, through Story Origin, in exchange for an honest review.

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i won’t kid you, i was pleasantly surprised when i read strange gods. it sounded interesting, but i have a thing where if i don’t like the characters name, i usually won’t like the book. (don’t ask, as idk why i feel this way.) and this book, the main character is called “spooky”, and another character called “carcass”, it makes it hard to get into a book when you can’t take the characters seriously.

anyway, naming aside, the book itself wasn’t that bad. the first 50% or so was a little boring, i put that to “setting the scene” and what not. however, the second half really started to pick up. and the book ended on a good cliffhanger. some books can’t pull a good cliffhanger off, but strange gods wasn’t one of them. it was well done, and i’m excited to see what’s going to happen next.

my favourite character from strange gods is definitely elliot. i liked that he’s got this interesting background, which gives him such motivation. the others were pleasant, but they didn’t stick with me the way elliot did.

aside from the slow start, the only critique i can really make here is the world building. i felt there wasn’t enough of it. there could’ve been a lot more to explain and really pull the reader in, which could’ve made the first half a lot more interesting.

overall, strange gods was a decent read, and i’m excited to see what’s going to happen next. plus, i want to know what happens with that cliffhanger!!


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    I’m totally in love with the cover for this! It’s quite striking. I think I’d have a hard time taking characters seriously with those names, too, but it sounds like an interesting read despite that!

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      yes! i love the cover!!

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