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dirty laundry review

i have a love/hate relationship with domestic thrillers. i like to think that i love them, but oftentimes i’m left disappointed by them. luckily, dirty laundry was one of the few that i really enjoyed.

usually my issue with domestic thrillers is the characters. i find it difficult to like anyone as they’re all suspicious in some way, and generally just not nice people. in dirty laundry, while i had my issues with some of the characters, and they weren’t “likeable” in the traditional sense, i did find them interesting. mishti was definitely my favourite.

there was a lot of social media usage in this book (namely instagram). usually i dislike social media in books but i found the author did an excellent job incorporating it into this book.

as for the murder mystery aspect of the book, that’s mostly what made me lower my rating on this book. although it was disclosed early on that someone had been murdered, there wasn’t a lot of focus on the mystery. the book focused on this assortment of women. as someone who loves a good murder mystery, i wish there was more focus on solving the actual murder.

while this book doesn’t bring anything new to the table for domestic thrillers, i still found it an entertaining read with interesting characters. seeing that this is a debut novel, i’m excited to read that the author publishes next and how they’ll progress with their writing skills.

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    WendyW says:

    I don’t read many domestic thrillers, but this one looks good

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