i received a copy of chain of thorns from walker books au in exchange for an honest review.

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chain of thorns review

while chain of thorns isn’t my favourite in the series, it was still a thoroughly enjoyable book to read. (it’s also not the worst in the series, so there’s that!)

i feel like i can’t start this review without mentioning herondaisy!! i loved james and cordelia in the first two books. while the second one had some upsetting twists, the start of this one was much the same. the ending really made me happy though!

although i felt that most of the characters got paired off with each other (or it felt that way anyway). i wished there were a few more single characters content as they were.

also, thank you cassandra clare for the inclusion of lgbt+ romance!! we need more of it in fantasy/historical settings. i found this one wasn’t over-the-top, but just the perfect amount. the characters were pining away for a good portion of the book, and there was no insta love!

the plot for chain of thorns was top notched. it’s well over 600 pages, and while some parts started to slow down a bit (and became kinda boring), the other parts really made up for it. it was fast paced and engaging. i didn’t want to put it down!

the ending was also very intense and ended the series on such a high note that i want to reread it already!

and finally, the character development. i feel like cassandra clare is the god of character development. every character had their own arc. no one was forgotten about or left behind – and it was believable.

to date, this is my fav cassandra clare series. i loved tmi, but tlh is definitely top tier!! (that being said, i haven’t read the lady midnight series yet).

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    Wendy says:

    I’m so glad you enjoyed this latest book in the series.

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