i received a copy of the rogue crown from harper collins nz in exchange for an honest review.

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the rogue crown review

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first things first: this book focuses a f/f romance, which we don’t get very often in fantasy books. i commend the author for taking the time to include this into their book, as well as other lgbt+ characters.

while my review isn’t particularly positive for this book, it’s in no way relating to the inclusion of lgbt+ characters or romance.

i suppose going right in, the biggest issue i had with this book is the lack of plot (much like the previous book – the witches’ blade). i had hoped this book would pick up and be like the first book, but was disappointed when i found myself guessing the plot twists at the end. because the plot was mostly non existent, i struggled with the slow pacing.

in regards to the romance (seeing as i’ve mentioned how much i disliked it in the previous two, i feel like i should mention that i also didn’t like it in this one). i feel like the author can’t write believable romance. everything feels forced and nothing feels real. and also the ridiculous number of sex scenes (again, i’m sure those spice lovers will have a field day with this series).

that being said, i really loved the inclusion of lgbt romance and characters. we don’t get a lot of fantasy books that include it, so it was quite nice to finally read a book with it! honestly, props to the author for including it!

unlike the witches’ blade, i enjoyed the character development that the rogue one had. it was nice to see some growth in the characters. (particularly bri. i felt her development was significant!)

and to end the review on a high note: this book is filled with awesome badass women!!

while it pains me to rate this book so low, i really did struggle with finishing it. it took me much longer than the other two to read and i lacked interest (thanks to the lack of plot). i think this series is more suited to those who like spice and romance as the main focus in their books. unfortunately, i don’t think i’m the target audience for this series.

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