i received a copy of nettle and bone from new south publishing au in exchange for an honest review.

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nettle & bone review

i have several books by t. kingfisher on my tbr, but this is the one that i read first. it’s not something i regret – i really enjoyed this book. if their other books are written fairly similarly, then i know me and this author are going to work well together.

the first thing i noticed about this book was the size of it. it’s very short. it’s packed from start to finish with a nice medium paced plot. i didn’t get bored once. i was surprised by the creativity that went into this book. there was some weird things that are only born from someone’s wacky imagination.

the characters were all likeable and quirky in their own ways. one was even a chicken possessed by a demon. each character went through their own sorts of development, and it felt believable.

the world building was also really well done. i found things easy to grasp. i wasn’t lost between characters or places. i also loved the dark fairytale vibes i got from it.

i won’t lie: i thought this was a horror and was a little disappointed when it wasn’t (although that’s entirely on me, not the author).

nettle and bone is one of those dark but kinda wholesome fairytale retellings. the romance wasn’t overbearing, i didn’t get bored, and i liked all of the characters. what more could i ask for?

this book is perfect for those looking for a short but fast paced fantasy book.

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    WendyW says:

    Not getting bored is a huge endorsement of a book to me. Nice review

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