i received a copy of the ballad of never after from hachette nz in exchange for an honest review.

if you want to read my review for once upon a broken heart (book 1), you can do so here.

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the ballad of never after review

there’s just something magical about everything stephanie garber writes. her worlds are so effortlessly enchanting.

the plot, just like the first book, was non stop action. i really like how there’s always something going on. just like the first book, i devoured this one rather quickly.

one thing i enjoyed about the ballad of never after is how much more i loved evangeline. i found her a little selfish in once upon a broken heart, but less so in the sequel.

along with evangeline being more likeable, i found jacks to be more trustworthy. because of this, he was more enjoyable to read about. in the first book, i couldn’t figure out if he was supposed to be good or bad. he shows more redeemable qualities in this book.

while i didn’t mention it in my first review, upon rereading ouabh in anticipation for this book, i found the vampires to be a really weird inclusion. garber’s books are so lighthearted and fun, whereas vampires are typically dark and scary. i wasn’t a big fan of their introduction in the first book, and i didn’t like that they made a comeback in the sequel. i hope it grows on me if they return in the next installment.

and speaking of the next book – i can’t wait for it!! i’m so pumped to see where garber will take things next. (i also expect there to be another reread on the horizon!)

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    WendyW says:

    This sounds good. I like a book with non stop action! Wonderful review!

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    Great review! I wasn’t super interested in reading this but you might have me convinced!

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    I finally read this last month & loved it. The scenes in the Hollow stole my heart. I hope we both enjoy the third one when it’s out.

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