i received a copy of one of the girls from harper collins nz in exchange for an honest review.

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one of the girls review

at this point, everyone should know that i struggle with large casts. (anything over 3 is a mission). this book has 6. luckily, everyone was well thought-out and had their own personalities, so that i had no problem telling them apart. (a real shocker. i’m impressed i didn’t struggle with it!)

while each character was so vastly different from the next, i found that the ones i loved in the beginning were insufferable by the midway point. it wasn’t until the very last chapter where they were somewhat likeable again. i’m not sure if that was the authors intention, as a way to make you doubt everyone, but i really hated it. i wanted to like everyone.

while this book is a thriller (i’m not sure how. there was nothing thrilling to it, except one chapter towards the end), i found that not a lot actually happened until the very end. the writing style (mostly the short chapters) made it a quick and easy read.

although not a lot really happened, i loved the ending. it was wholly unexpected. i do feel like things after the event were a bit too easy, as no one had any consequences for what happened.

overall, it was a quick read with a well rounded group of people. if you’re into “thrillers” set in a nice holiday location, i highly recommend this one for you.

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