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child of fear and fire – review

despite being a shorter length book, I found that it wasn’t at all too short. there’s always a worry that a short book won’t give you as much information, but I enjoyed reading it. I liked that there were no boring parts, and I remained hooked the whole way through.

I felt bad for Eliza for majority of the book. she didn’t deserve the things that happened to her, and the bullies got what they had coming for them.

the best way to describe the ending of this book, is that I felt very content with it. I felt like things were wrapped up nicely.

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    I always worry that short books will be lacking in detail and development as well, so it’s always nice when that ends up not being the case!

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      i agree! i do love it when a short book is done so well (such as this one)

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    Sure sounds interesting, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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