i received a copy of a magic steeped in poison from new south publishing au in exchange for an honest review.

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a magic steeped in poison review

a magic steeped in poison is a unique combination of chinese mythology and culture. while i’ve read a fair few of asian inspired fantasy lately, i haven’t come across a book that uses tea brewing as a magic form. it made the book so distinctive from all the others that i’ve read.

while the title was what initially captivated my interest, i found the cover art to be particularly beautiful. (the artist did a fantastic job!)

now, for the characters. ning was a loveable and relatable main character. she had her flaws, but i loved her regardless. the author also uses the found family trope with the group of characters that ning befriends throughout her journey.

unfortunately, i felt that the other side characters didn’t get the backstory they deserved. many were just left to our imaginations.

and lastly, i really struggled with the instalove. it’s something i struggle with and absolutely hate (i wish authors would stop writing it into their books, but oh well). i just wish there was more development between the two characters and their relationship.

all in all, i plan to read the sequel when it’s released, seeing as it’s only a duology. (it’d be a different story if it was a longer series). i look forward to seeing where the author takes things in the next book. (and more tea related magic!)

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    WendyW says:

    I love the title and cover too! Nice review!

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      the cover is really pretty!

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    NBDNBFDNBF I LOVE THIS!!!! your reviews are always THE MOST STUNNING!! also omg so so glad you enjoyed this!! the entire magic system that’s created around tea brewing IS ACTUALLY SO INCREDIBLY UNIQUE AND MAYBE THE BEST SELLING POINT OF THE ENTIRE BOOK. i found the rest of it ridiculously disappointing though AND HATED ALL THE CHARACTERS + YES INSTALOVE SUCKS WHY DO WE HAVE TO BEAR IT ALL THE TIME. its like the authors saying ‘OH OK WAIT I’M ACTUALLY TOO TIRED FOR WRITING THE ROMANCE SO MY CHARACTERS JUST LIKE EACH OTHER FROM THE BEGINNING PROBLEM SOLVED’ which. you know. IS ANNOYING. fingers crossed the next book is somewhat better though!!

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      asdfgh i wonder if that’s actually what they’re thinking when writing it!! it’s not that hard to have things develop slowly. if in doubt, have a small scene at the end that hints at it and then start the romance properly in book two. problem solved!

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    loved reading your thoughts on this Chelsea! I think the instalove and lack of development for the side characters is whats keeping me from reading this but good to know that the mc is well developed.

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      it’s really what lowered my rating of the book. i wish there was a little more development with the romance.

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    You had me at ‘tea’!

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      it’s a good thing to be intrigued by!

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