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once upon a broken heart review

i just want to start off by saying that i really loved this. i adored the first caraval book, but found the second and third lacking. i didn’t particularly like jacks in those books, and was a little skeptical going into this one (although still excited, as i really loved caraval). much to my surprise, i found him more enjoyable in once upon a broken heart.

i loved evangeline, although i felt she was selfish at some points (lbr, who doesn’t so something self serving every once in a while?). despite this, i really grew to love her in the end.

surprisingly, i really loved apollo. at first, i wasn’t a fan, but after half way i really enjoyed him. i feel really bad about everything that happened, and he 100% deserves better.

the storyline itself was intriguing and exciting. i wasn’t bored once. (literally, i read this in one sitting).

i’m really looking forward to see where garber takes the next book, (seeing as caraval went in a direction i wasn’t expecting).

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    Amazing review! I’m so glad you enjoyed this book, especially after not loving the last 2 of the series.

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      i was pleasantly surprised!!

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    i’m so happy you enjoyed this one! it’s for sure one of my favorites of the year💜

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      i’m glad you loved it too!! i look forward to what’s coming next.

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    I liked caraval but thought the next books weren’t great even though I kinda liked Jacks so I still wanted to read this book. Great review though!

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      i felt the same. you might enjoy this one, if you decide to read it. thanks for stopping by!

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    I am a Caraval fan and am pretty excited to get back to this world. Sounds like it was a pretty great experience for you. Yeah!

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      it was! i hope you enjoy it too!

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    I actually just bought this book – I can’t wait for it to arrive, even though our feelings about the Caraval series are completely reversed. I didn’t like the first book at all, but loved the second and third books! But I have heard so many good things about this one that I’m dying to read it.

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      hopefully you love this one then too!

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