I received brindille from Diamond Book Distributors, through Net Galley, in exchange for an honest review.

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i haven’t read a comic or graphic novel in forever. i’ve missed it. brindille didn’t help, and now i want to read even more of them!

i used to read a lot of comics, so when i comes to how they’re written, i have a bit of an understanding. one thing that i dislike about comics in general, is that they’re all very brief. i’m always left wanting more. so when it came to brindille, there was nothing different. personally, i would’ve like some more information. i’ve read a few other reviews where people are saying the same thing. unfortunately, that’s just how graphic novels are.

aside from it being not very explanatory, the only thing i actually disliked was the ending. i thought it was absolutely beautiful. however, i didn’t understand it! i was so confused i had to reread the last 10 or so pages to make sure i didn’t miss anything.

so my favourite thing about this graphic novel is the artwork. my god, it’s beautiful. i have a preferred art style when it comes to comics and graphic novels, and it’s not what this book is. but it’s stunning. even if you don’t like comics, i recommend having a read just to look at the graphics.

my favourite character was probably the wolf. i quite liked the main character, but the wolf sold it for me.

and i’m not sure what the age bracket for this comic is, but i don’t think it should be for children. there’s definitely some gory scenes in there, although they’re brushed over like it’s nothing.

overall, i really enjoyed this comic. i recommend to any novel readers to remember that a comic has a different format to the traditional book.

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