i received a copy of until you come back home from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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until you come back home – review

one thing i loved most about this book was the recipes. i don’t think i’ve ever read a book that includes recipes!! (i know they’re out there, but i haven’t actually read any). i wanted to try some of them, but i’m a terrible cook (baker?), so i continued to read instead.

i really enjoyed the relationships between the characters in this book. i’m a sucker for childhood friends to lovers, although i suppose this book was more childhood friends to lovers to enemies to lovers. (it’s quite a mouthful, sorry). i also really enjoyed the queer rep.

one thing that i disliked about until you come back home, is how short is was. normally, i love a shorter novel, but this one felt rushed. everything was resolved easily. as much as i enjoyed having an existing relationship be the main focus, i wish there was more elaboration on their past.

overall, it was a fun, easy read. i recommend it for anyone who likes a good romance. (like me, a break between the heavy fantasy stuff).


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    Childhood friends to lovers is such a good trope I love it. Great review!

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      same, and thank you!

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    Shorter books, and novellas are so tempting for me as I can get through them quickly, but too often, they feel rushed. Great review1

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      i agree! i like that they’re faster to get through, but you usually end up missing some good stuff.

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    I’ve read a few books with recipes. It’s always fun when they tie into the romance.

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      have you ever attempted the recipes?

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    I like my novels to hit between 300 – 400 pages, but short and rushed would bother me too.

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      agreed. i love a 300-400 page book, i’m more inclined to pick them up.

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