i received a copy of six crimson cranes from the hachette nz in exchange for an honest review.

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six crimson cranes – review

six crimson cranes is easily one of the best books i’ve read this year. it was fun, and emotional. two of my favourite things in a book.

i’ve never heard the original tale regarding the six swans, so i can’t compare it to the original. but it was enjoyable in that fairytale way, that keeps you wanting more.

shiori was an excellent character, and i enjoyed reading through her eyes. i liked the adventure that she went on, and appreciated everything she did. (there’s some mc’s who do some wildly random stuff, but shiori isn’t one of them). she was smart, courageous, and stole my heart.

her brothers were an interesting group. i didn’t particularly like them at the start, but loved them in the end. they are ambitious, and their love for their sister is truly something else.

the romance was done in a way that really sold the story. i couldn’t have asked for anything better. it wasn’t too in your face, unlike some books, and i preferred it.

one thing i loved about six crimson cranes is that this book had me hating a few characters for majority of the book, and loving them by the end. there’s one character in particular, (no spoilers, i promise) who made me ugly cry at the end.

overall, this was the perfect book. it got me out of a slump, it had me laughing (particularly at the bowl), and it had me crying. if you haven’t read six crimson cranes, i highly suggest you add it to your tbr.

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    Lovely review!!! I have only heard amazing things about this book and I’m happy it lived up to your expectations! 🥰Can’t wait to read it!!

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      thank you!! and i hope you enjoy it as much as i did!

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    Great review! I was on the fence about reading this book but this cover in particular sold me on it. Can’t wait to pick it up!

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      i agree, this cover is so gorgeous!!

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    Great review! I’m reading (and very much enjoying) this book now.

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      i’m glad to know you’re enjoying it!!

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    Ahh.. I’m so excited for this book. I think I’ve literally heard all good things so far. Your review made me all the more excited for it too. The way you described the characters and the fact that the book makes you change your mind on characters is amazing!! Great review!!

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      i’m usually very set in my ways when it comes to characters, so i was pleasantly surprised! i hope you enjoy it!

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    I need to pick this one up, I’m not familiar with the original tale, but its great to know that the main character was a favorite! Lovely review Chelsea!! <3

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      i wasn’t familiar with it either but it was still good

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    glad you enjoyed, Chelsea! being a huge fan of another retelling of this fairytale, it was tough to compete with that, but I am looking forward to book two and seeing where the author takes the story. there’s also another title coming out next month based on the same retelling called A RUSH OF WINGS by Laura E. Weymouth. just incase you’re interested! – H

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      i haven’t heard of that one, but i’ll go look into it now! it sounds good. i’ve never read a retelling of this fairytale, and i’m always open to trying new ones! (i prefer the underappreciated fairytales more)

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        it’s definitely less overdone!! the top tier is DAUGHTER OF THE FOREST by Juliet Marillier. ✨ – H

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          definitely adding to my tbr! 👀

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