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spies never quit – review

i was a little skeptical going into this book. it’s pitched for those who love gallagher girls (and seriously, i love gallagher girls). i was worried it wouldn’t be good enough, or well written, blah blah. much to my surprise, i was blown away. although i didn’t love it in quite the same way, it’s high on my list of recommended spy/snooping/etc/etc books. this will easily be a book i can recommend time and time again.

i adored the characters – they call themselves the banana girls (yes, i giggled too). they are all different in their own ways, although their names are very similar. you have hannah, anna, susanna (susie), katianna (katie). the main character is mari, (called marina at one point), and clearly not a banana girl. each brought something new to the table and made the story more enjoyable.

i didn’t care much for the romance, but it wasn’t focused on much, so i let it slide. it felt a little unrealistic that in mari’s first day on the job, she had two good looking guys after her. (in reality, you’re lucky if there’s one good looking guy at your workplace okay). again, it wasn’t the main focus, but it was a thought i had.

overall, spies never quit is a fun, light hearted read for those looking for easy entertainment. based on my rating, i clearly recommend it to those who’re into spy related books.

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    i’ve never really read spy books, but this seems like a fun read! great review!

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      that’s a shame! they’re one of my favourite types. (more of a guilty pleasure thing)

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    I agree, I’m usually skeptical when a publisher says a book is like something popular. So glad this one worked for you.

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      thank you, wendy!! i’m glad i loved it too.

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    I’m glad you enjoyed this since it was compared to a favorite.

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      i was a bit weary myself!

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    I enjoy spy books, and I love witty banter. I could do without the romance, but it’s good to know it doesn’t overpower the book. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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      i agree! and thank you for stopping by!

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