i received a copy of the wrong woman from hachette nz in exchange for an honest review.

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the wrong woman review

the wrong woman is the first book i’ve read by pompare. i’ve discovered he’s an excellent writer of mystery, using the right amount of suspense to keep you hooked.

this book starts out as medium paced, and dips in the middle. the ending is very quick. i only wish is was consistently faster, rather than the boring bit in the center.

our main character, reid, was a relatable guy. i found him interesting, and his past somewhat complex. i really loved how he was queer, as it’s something that not a lot of mysteries include.

throughout the book, we’re constantly guessing what’s going to happen next, only to be wrong. i loved this, as i enjoy the twists when something unexpected happens. the ending had a major twist what was so unexpected, it took me a few minutes to really think about how it all worked out the way it did.

overall, the wrong woman kept me on my toes for the most part. it was an exciting read with a lot of fresh ideas.

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    no but THAT SKULL IN THE PHOTO??? 👀💀
    yayy so glad you enjoyed the book though AND LOVE THE REVIEW LIKE ALWAYS!!

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      please, my skull is my favourite prop i’ve bought. it’s so pretty and creepy all at once.
      thANK YOU anoushka!

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    WendyW says:

    I like a mystery that keeps me guessing. Terrific review!

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      agreed! it keeps you on your toes.

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    ahhh this review is so amazing, and the book looks fantastic as well??? running to pick it up RIGHT AWAY

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      yes, yes!! i hope you enjoy it!

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