i received a copy of the snow laundry from harper collins nz in exchange for an honest review.

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the snow laundry review

i haven’t read a dystopian in a long while. they seem to have gone out of fashion a few years ago. when i saw the snow laundry pop up, i got so excited that i had to read it. dystopians used to be my favourite types of books.

i don’t know if it’s me that’s changed over the years, but i found i didn’t resonate with it like i thought i would. the storyline was interesting enough, but it felt like i was reading the same old story with new character names. (the problem being that dystopian is so overdone, it’s hard to create an original story.)

ally, our main character, was likeable enough, however she became very annoying during certain scenes. it wasn’t often, but it was enough to bother me. bon is ally’s love interest, and i certainly wasn’t his biggest fan. i couldn’t bring myself to trust him – that he had some ulterior motive.

characters aside, i really liked how short the book was. anything longer would’ve felt like a chore (and who likes those?!). anything shorter would’ve felt too short. it was the perfect length.

all in all, i think the snow laundry is the perfect read for those who are new to reading or haven’t read many dystopians in the past.

please note: there’s attempted rape (twice), and mentioned off-page rape (both towards minors).

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    omg ‘the snow laundry’ has to be like the most original and fascinating name i’ve ever heard?? I SHALL PROBABLY END UP READING IT JUST FOR THAT (plus you also mentioned its short??? SO YES PLEASE I NEED) i’m sorry it ended up disappointing though 😭

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      if it was any longer, i doubt i would’ve enjoyed it as much! i think the title is very unique and the cover art is stunning though. hopefully you find more enjoyment in it?

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    WendyW says:

    It has a pretty cover and a unique title. I’m glad you enjoyed it overall.

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