i received a copy of league of liars from allen & unwin nz in exchange for an honest review.

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league of liars review

league of liars is full of intrigue and magic, with likeable characters and an exciting premise. what more could you want?

although the beginning was a little slow (mostly due to the world building), it was a really interesting book! i wasn’t a fan of the court system (I’ve never liked anything court or trials related), but everything else was intriguing.

despite the slow beginning, the ending happened so fast. there were plenty of plot twists that had me on the edge of my seat.

the characters were likeable (for the most part). we have a few betrayals and many confessions. everyone is hiding something. as i wasn’t expecting this, it kept me on my toes.

the magic system was truly unique. although i was rather confused in the first half, there was more explanation towards the end. i loved how different it was from anything else i’ve read.

goodreads hasn’t listed a sequel to this book, but i certainly hope there is one. i have so many questions that need to be answered. there are many loose ends that need to be tied off, and not to mention a cliff hanger??? while i liked all this, it doesn’t sit well if it’s a standalone.

overall, i really enjoyed league of liars. the only reason i didn’t give it a 5 star rating was for the slow start. i will keep my fingers crossed that there ends up being a sequel, as i have so many questions!

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    lovely review chelsea! I’ve been meaning to read these author’s books and loved what you had to say about this one. Love when a story has lots of interesting twists 😍✨

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      i’m glad you enjoyed my review! i really appreciate it 🥰 🥰 i’m looking forward to reading the authors other works.

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    great review!! i didn’t love this one, but i’m glad you enjoyed this one!💜

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      oh no, that’s a shame!! hopefully your next read is better.

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