i received a copy of the embroidered book from harper collins nz in exchange for an honest review.

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the embroidered book review

the embroidered book is a stunning book following the lives of queen charlotte (of naples) and queen marie antoinette (of france). while i’ve read a fair few books about the latter, i’d never heard of her sister. the embroidered book painted the characters in a good light (which you don’t normally see for marie antoinette), and i really loved it. both antoine and charlotte were loveable characters and we get to see them grow from childhood into powerful queens. both charlotte and antoine were written in a way that portrayed their perfections as well as their flaws, which i enjoyed. i love well rounded characters.

while i hadn’t heard of charlotte prior to reading this book (which is funny, because she seems to be a well known person!), i done some research on her post-reading. i’m keen to expand my knowledge as she sounds like an amazing woman.

i found the author did a great job neatly interweaving historical fact with fantasy to produce this excellent piece of work. when done well, as in the case of the embroidered book, you find yourself thinking: “could this have really happened?”, which is the best feeling.

the writing throughout this book was fast paced. i found we jumped a decade within the first part of the book (which actually threw me off a little bit, but once i paid attention to the dates, it wasn’t an issue). although this book is on the large side, it didn’t take long for me to wizz my way through.

overall, i absolutely adored this book. i’d recommend it to anyone who likes a good historical fiction novel. (not to mention, i love baroque/late baroque france, and there doesn’t appear to be many books set during this period — and the i’ve read most of the ones with this setting).

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    aye so glaad you liked it!
    It sounds interesting, will definitely check it out✨

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      ahh yes!! it’s so good. i hope you enjoy it!

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    Glad to hear you enjoyed this one so much. I’m hoping I’ll get a chance to get it out of the library later this year.

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      yes!! hopefully you love it as much as i did!

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        Thank you.

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    Ooh this seems absolutely wonderful!! We’re currently learning about the French Revolution in school so this is such a perfect book for me to read now ahahh!! Loved reading your review 💖💖

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      the french revolution is very interesting! i hope you’re enjoying your studies? (i didn’t learn about it in school, although i wish i did!)

      i really hope you enjoy this one!

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        Eekk yes I’m really loving it so far!! Ohh I hope you get the chance to read more about it someday , it really is super interesting 💖

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          i hope so too! thank you 🥰

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    this seems like such a lovely book (and that cover is gorgeous!) great review💜

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      the cover is stunning!! and thank you!

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