i received a copy of the witches’ blade from harper collins nz in exchange for an honest review.

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the witches’ blade review

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i really enjoyed the high mountain court. i had issues (mostly with the sex scenes feeling irrelevant), but i still liked it. i was really excited to continue reading the series to see where things would go next.

i picked up the witches’ blade almost as soon as it was delivered to my doorstep. unfortunately, i didn’t like it nearly as much as i’d hoped. the main thing that i struggled with was liking rua (the fmc for this book). i found she dwelled too much in negativity and jealousy. i understand that she’s had a hard life and trauma, but it really put a damper on things.

i also really struggled with the first 20% of the book, as i had no idea what was going on. we’re thrown in the deep end and just expected to love rua from the get go. there was no warm up, nothing to let you know what was happening. i was really confused as i had no idea who this woman was. (i didn’t realise each book followed a different person).

all that aside, i did really like renwick. i wasn’t overly keen on him at first but i warmed up to him fairly quickly. i also really enjoyed the other side characters.

when the romance became apparent, i started to struggle a lot more. it was quite obvious who was the love interest, but it felt very forced (mostly due to the heroine being insufferable and rude the whole damn time). it also felt like the romance was copy and paste from the first book with the names changed. it didn’t feel original and made things boring.

and lastly, i couldn’t help but notice how slow the plot and pacing was. it was like nothing actually happened in the whole book. i think someone who prioritizes romance and sex scenes will enjoy this book much more than i did.

there was lots of potential for improvement, and i hope the next book is better.

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    Wendy says:

    Its so frustrating when I don’t like a main character

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