i received a copy of weyward from harper collins nz in exchange for an honest review.

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weyward review

i had high hopes for weyward, so i was worried that i just wouldn’t get into it. often, when i have high hopes i end up disappointed. but not this time! weyward was so much better than I’d hoped it’d be (which i didn’t think was possible??).

weyward follows three different women throughout history, all from the same family. the thing that connects them is witchcraft. weyward utilizes a mystery spread out through generations. when done right, these types of mysteries are the best. (as proven in this book!).

usually with multiple points of views, there’s someone who i dislike and want to skip their chapters. i found i didn’t feel that way with weyward. i was hooked from start to end.

all three of the women were likeable. there were times when i felt so bad for them and the situations that they were in. there were plenty of unlikeable characters too, most of whom i wanted to punch.

the only issue i had with this book was the pregnancy trope. it’s something i hate. i don’t want to read about it. while it wasn’t too bad in this book, only really happening towards the end, it was still frustrating that it happened three times. (although it also makes sense, as it’s the author leaving the ending open, showing the continuation of the family line).

this book is a strong debut from emilia hart. i look forward to reading more books that she publishes. her writing style is engaging and keeps your brain wandering.

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    WendyW says:

    I’m so glad this one met your high expectations

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      so am i! it was well worth the read.

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