i received a copy of court of bitter thorn from the author, through Story Origin, in exchange for an honest review.

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idk how to start this review off. court of bitter thorn was a good book, but it could’ve been better. the first 75% felt like such a drag, but at the same time, it was really interesting. for some reason, a court of bitter thorn was just really hard to read. in saying that, the last 15% was amazing. it was a breeze to get through.

i think if i had an audiobook, a court of bitter thorn would’ve been easy to get through. but i didn’t. unfortunately, i’m not sure why this book was so difficult for me to read. nothing made it hard. maybe i was in a post-bardugo slump? because the writing and the world of bitter thorn was amazing. i couldn’t have asked for a better book.

i had a few issues with the main character at the start of court of bitter thorn, in that she was too generic. she didn’t want to get married, she only loved pants, etc, etc. i dislike characters like these as they’re far too common these days, where it’s no longer cool to want to wear pants. (who doesn’t want to wear a dress? dresses are gorgeous!) practicality, sure i love pants, but realistically, the mc would’ve been raised never even knowing what it felt like to wear them. sorry, sorry. rant over.

i loved almost everything about this book. with a few minor hiccups about the main character, the whole book was flawless. (and i suppose my reading slump ..?) i adored brannick at the end, ngl he was a bit of a wanker at the beginning.

the other characters were also pretty fun. my favourite is tansy. (she’s like tinkerbell, minus the obvious flaws that tinkerbell has). all the various creatures made the book an experience.

so despite my slow reading, and a slump, i 100% recommend court of bitter thorn to anyone who loves ya fantasy. i’m excited to read the next few books in this series!


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    Great review! I’m hoping to get to this series soon!

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      can’t wait to hear your thoughts! i can’t wait to read the next book, i’ve already got the ebook!!

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    Great review! I haven’t read this one but I totally agree with you on the pant-dress thing. It’s way too cliché now. Either way sounds like a fun book!

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      glad you understood what I meant! I wasn’t sure people would 😅 (and yeah I should’ve used the word “cliche” but I forgot it existed!)

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    Great review! I’m glad to hear you enjoyed this one.

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    100% agree on the pants thing! And I thought the same about the last 15%. Really made me want to read the sequel. Curious to hear your thoughts when you get to it!

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      hopefully getting to it shortly!

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    That’s a great review and it’s true, some books are so much better on audio. Then some aren’t. Example: The Raven Boys. Lol I couldn’t read them but the audio was absolutely incredible

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      100% this! the audio makes some books way better. and some audio ruins an experience. it’s good to experiment.

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    This book is totally new to me, but I would like to say that even I suffer from difficulties getting through books that are perfectly alright! It’s sort of a version of having a reading slump I guess, but it’s so annoying when it happens in the middle of good reads!

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      i think i’m out of it now, so when i read the sequel, i’m hoping it’s going to be good!

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    Denia Martinez says:

    Ugh, I hate it when books drag. It takes so much effort to get through them that many times it’s hard for me to even finish it.

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      agreed! i was definitely questioning it.

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