i received a copy of dragon lake, via audiobook, from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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can we take a moment to discuss how beautiful the cover for dragon lake is 😍😍😍 the colours, the font, everything!

firstly, the story itself was so refreshing compared to other fairytale retellings. this one was much darker than the usual ones i’ve read. i also really enjoyed the use of the dragon. (i don’t believe there was a dragon in the original?? i could be wrong … )

the writing style was very nice and the words flowed nicely. I felt the profanity was neatly woven in, however I would’ve preferred it without. the narrator did an excellent job bringing the characters and the story to life.

overall, I wish this was longer, so I could get a better feel for the characters and so the backstory could’ve been elaborated on more, but i still really enjoyed it.

add dragon lake on goodreads!


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    Darker stories often make such a nice change from the norm. Also yeah that is a really nice cover, great review!

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      thank you! and it definitely is! i really enjoy those darker ones.

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    You have me curious about which fairytale it’s a retelling of. I’ll have to go check it out. And yes, that cover is beautiful!

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      it’s a swan lake retelling! i hope you enjoy it if you read/listen to it!

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    definitely curious about this one! i’ll have to go check it out 🤍

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      please do! i hope you enjoy it too.

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