i received a copy of silver tears, by camilla läckberg, from the harper collins nz in exchange for an honest review.

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silver tears review

trigger warnings sexual abuse, child sexual abuse/molestation, domestic violence.

** please note: this is the second book in a series.

although silver tears isn’t nearly as action packed as the golden cage, i still enjoyed it more. the book seems shorter (according to goodreads, only marginally so). it was a much faster and easier read than the golden cage, with many twists (although, some of these i saw coming).

what i liked most, is that we got to see more of faye’s backstory, and how she’s become the woman that she is. i felt terribly sad for faye, when we learn about her childhood. no one should have to deal with what she went through.

there was a twist regarding a character: it was easily guessed. idk if you need more explanation than that, but i saw it coming from the moment said character was introduced, and faye couldn’t see it.

from reading the book, i feel like faye is a terrible mother. she says she’s saving her daughter from predators, but she leaves her in a foreign country and doesn’t make any effort to spend time with her? she’d rather fight for her company than spend this time bonding with her daughter, who’s probably scared and lonely. i’m sure after making a good few million, the company won’t matter anymore. you’ve made your money, now go and retire.

i’m still a little confused about faye’s company. it can’t be that easy to create a million dollar company?? wouldn’t everyone do it?

the use of murder felt a little unrealistic, as everyone seemed to get away with everything, and no one questioned it.

anyway, here’s some points i want to add. please note, they contain spoilers.

some things camilla läckberg has taught me about sweden: (may contain spoilers) • anyone can get away with murder.
• every man is a rapist.
• every child has been molested/raped at some point.
• their police force isn’t very good.
• domestic violence happens in every household.

and also:

some things felt unnecessary, like (may contain spoilers) the threesome. seriously? why?

overall it was a good book, but i wasn’t overly invested in the characters or the plot. an entertaining and easy read.

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    Ok I didn’t read the review coz spoilers. Do you have a review for book one that I can check out? I have that one queued up on audio.

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      i didn’t write one, however i rated it 3 stars.

      in short, it was a captivating book, with lots of twists (some i saw coming, and some i didn’t). i disliked the about of abuse within the story. many of the characters were unlikable.
      the plot was interesting. i liked how faye was able to get her revenge on her husband. some of it felt a little too easy, but that could be put down to faye being business savvy.

      for a more indepth review, there’s plenty on goodreads. silver tears has more backstory than the first book, which i enjoyed.

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    Great review, this sounds like an exciting series!

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      thank you! and it was.

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    i hate it when books throw in unnecessary, unbelievable things haha. great review!

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    It sounds like you still need a lot of answers after this book. I hope you get them, if there is to be a third book. Great review.

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