i received a copy of lovely dark and deep from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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lovely, dark and deep review

lovely, dark and deep is a book that follows the adventures of the reilly family, as they solve the mystery regarding the missing children in town.

this book has a strong start, which continues the whole way through. the plot is entertaining, and i enjoyed learning about the characters strengths and weaknesses.

cass is our main character, who is loveable and unique. i found a particular attachment towards merich, the fae of the story. he was intriguing and mysterious – i wish he had a little more screen time so i could learn more of his backstory!!

next, we have the siblings: theo, louisa, and penelope. normally, when a cast gets too big, there’s characters who i dislike. however, i didn’t feel this way about lovely, dark and deep! i loved everyone fairly equally (except merich, he’s special).

i really enjoyed learning about the witches, and the gap (a mysterious and dangerous place). i particularly enjoyed seeing cass fill her role in protecting the missing children.

PLUS, the ending??? a cliffhanger??? should i take offense?? i need to know what happens next! i love how just one line managed to turn a sweet ending into something dark. the ending have me chills!!

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    WendyW says:

    I do enjoy books about witches! It sounds like the beginning of a series.

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    oooh this sounds so good and I am glad to hear you loved it!

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