i received a copy of in the ravenous dark from hachette nz in exchange for an honest review.

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in the ravenous dark review

i’d seen this book around a few times before, but hadn’t actually decided to read it. until it turned up on my doorstep. if it wasn’t for that, i probably wouldn’t have read it. it’s just one of those books that got lost in the abyss of goodreads.

one thing i particularly loved about this book was the inclusion of lgbt+ characters. it’s not overly common to include in fantasy (it’s more common in contemporary books). i’ve noticed it’s becoming more commonplace now than before, which is good. in the ravenous dark, most of the main characters fit into a category of some kind.

on the topic of lgbt+, there’s a love triangle. while i normally (always) hate them, i found this one was tolerable. i actually kind of liked it. it’s a f/f/m triangle. unfortunately, some of the romance felt insta lovey and rushed. but it was still enjoyable.

the magic system is also something that i really enjoyed. there’s blood mages, but with a unique twist. there’s vampirism, but the author got creative. i thoroughly enjoyed learning the history and lore surrounding this book.

i really loved the fast paced nature of in the ravenous dark. i found i struggled to put the book down. the writing style was excellent and captivating. along with the perfect length (and longer and it would’ve started to drag).

AND, the plot twist towards the end. that was 100% unexpected. i stopped at the end of the chapter and spend the next few hours pondering what i’d just read. it was so good.

if you’re asking if you should be reading this book, the answer is yes. yes, one thousand times. if ya fantasy is your thing, this book needs to be on your radar!

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    WendyW says:

    What a beautiful book and cover

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      it’s so beautiful!

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