i received a copy of poster girl from hachette nz in exchange for an honest review.

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poster girl review

poster girl delves into the important ideas regarding government monitoring and control of it’s citizens. it’s also scarily similar to current society in how everything we do is monitored (we’re just missing the brownie points!).

this book is thought provoking as it makes you realise that these scary things are actually current in our society. the things we were scared about 10 years ago are actually our reality. poster girl really delves into these important topics regarding government corruption.

onto the actual story: i really loved how our main character (sonya) is a deeply flawed person. she changes (somewhat) over the course of the book, but she still remains selfish. i enjoyed that there was no redemption arc. yes, she realised a lot of her world was lies, but she remained loyal to her world.

the writing style in this book was rather slow paced. i’m not too keen on slow books, but at less than 300 pages, it wasn’t hard to finish. i found that not a lot actually happened throughout the book, but i wonder if it was written in order to make the reader think rather than to resolve some big issue. (it definitely got me thinking!)

i wanted more mystery in regards to the missing girl that sonya was looking for, but we didn’t get much. there’s resolution in finding out what happened to her, but it felt like the mystery was more of an afterthought.

the main reason i didn’t rate this book as highly as i could have is because i’m not that keen on dystopian books. i used to be a big fan back when the hunger games and divergent came out, but a lot of readers have gravitated away from it. i’m sure someone who loves dystopian would really enjoy this book.

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    WendyW says:

    That cover! Wow. I’m not a fan of dystopian either, but will read a highly rated book. Nice review!

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      the cover is stunning!

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