i received a copy of all the best liars from walker books australia in exchange for an honest review.

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all the best liars review

i picked this book up on a whim. i thought it would be one of those binge worthy books that you can read in one sitting. i wasn’t wrong on either parts, but i didn’t realise how much i would get into it. i found all the best liars to be really ensnaring.

the first thing i noticed about all the best liars was how easy it was to read. the writing was fast paced, which kept me hooked throughout. i really enjoyed how well written it was.

the book features a slow burn mystery, which was so exciting to see slowly unravel as time went on. i didn’t know there was such thing as a fast paced but slow burn mystery, yet here we are! i didn’t get bored in the middle, which i normally do with slow burn mysteries. there was enough to keep me turning the pages.

as with all good mysteries, there was an intense plot twist at the end. i started to suspect it later on, and it wasn’t something i thought was going to happen at first. it was truly unexpected and so vastly different from everything else i’ve read. (honestly, it made the book so memorable).

the characters were very interesting. we’re presented with a group of three girls who grow apart and reconnect over the course of their lives. i found their relationship to be very realistic with how school friendships grow and change over time. i also really liked how unique each girl was. realistic and believable characters are a must for any good story.

the only thing that i disliked was the open ending. it was okay at first, but the more i think on it, the more i wish we had answers. this opinion is very personal, as i know there are many readers out there who love an open ending. i like answers.

overall, this book was a memorable and quick read. i can easily see myself reading more books by this author. i’m surprised i hadn’t heard of her before now.

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    WendyW says:

    I like answers in my endings, but I can understand when an author wants to leave and ending open.

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      i understand it too, and i know some people like filling in the blanks themselves. i’m not the biggest fan of it though.

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    A fast paced slow burn mystery sounds exactly the genre I want to read and I never knew it before haha.

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      it’s the sort of book i read between some heavy fantasy. i need something a little lighter to break things up haha.

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