i received a copy of i’m glad my mom died from simon & schuster australia in exchange for an honest review.

i’m glad my mom died review

being a memior, i feel uncomfortable leaving a rating for i’m glad my mom died. that being said, i absolutely loved and devoured this book.

please note, there are details of abuse, both physical and emotional within this book. none of that is something I can pass judgement on. i found her descriptions of eating disorders non triggering (but everyone is different, so please read with caution).

i’m glad my mom died is an extremely enlightening book regarding jennette’s experiences of abuse. she suffers a lot, and doesn’t gloss over the details. i found the first half quite difficult to get through as it’s written from her past perspective – before she realised that the behaviour of her mum was abusive. she’s compliant, and goes ahead with everything that’s being told to her because she thinks her mum knows what’s best for her.

the second half is easier to get through as she’s realised that her mum shouldn’t be treating her this way and she’s rebelling in small ways. it was nice to see how her writing changed based on the mindset she was in at that stage of her life.

i’m glad my mom died is a raw and heartfelt book, and really makes you feel for what jennette has been through. the writing style is makes it very easy to read (i flew through this book!).

i heard there might be another book by jennette mccurdy, and i definitely will be putting in a preorder when it becomes available.

buy your copy now!

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    WendyW says:

    I loved this one too, but I haven’t posted a review yet. It’s so emotional

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      i found it difficult to review. will you write one or just leave it off?

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    This is very high on my TBR, I just bought a copy the other week. My local bookstore said they can hardly keep it in, it’s flying off the shelves. Will hopefully get to it over the summer!

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      i’ve seen a lot of people on facebook complaining that their bookstores keep selling out faster than they get them in! it’s crazy. but it’s a really good book – raw and emotional.

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