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please note: this review might contain vague statements that could be considered spoilers.

i don’t read thrillers that often, so i really wasn’t expecting what i got out of small spaces. putting it simply, this is easily one of the best books i’ve read this year.

the use of mental health was really good and made for an interesting plot, however i’d hoped that certain things hadn’t turned out to be real (this is as vague as i can be without spoiling anything). it felt like a cheap cop out.

i adored tash. she was such a great character, definitely someone i related to. i hate how she wasn’t believed, but we all know that no one ever believes children half the time.

i really enjoyed sparrow. as a bad guy. not in the “here’s an excuse why we should all love him” way. i like how his impact on tash’s life was well discussed. oftentimes, these things are brushed over or ignored when it comes to thrillers as it’s not “interesting enough”.

one thing i found small spaces lacked was more of mallory. i would absolutely love a sequel or something that was dedicated to her story. sure tash had gone through a lot, but what about the girl that was actually kidnapped and was now mute? what about how she was coping with everything? i think it’d be a very interesting story.

there should also be a trigger warning for animal abuse (among other things: mental health, abuse). the poor dog. what’d he ever do to deserve that?! 

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