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Star Rating: ★★★★☆

i just want to put this out there: alison weir is a phenomenal writer. her writing is straight to the point (no confusion), entertaining and historically accurate.

i thoroughly enjoyed jane seymour: the haunted queen. i loved katherine’s story, but found anne boleyn rather boring. i didn’t know what to expect for jane seymour, considering i haven’t read any other books by alison weir, but i must admit that i really want to pick up her other works now.

jane was a lovely character to read about. she had a lot of morals that i could relate to (unlike anne, who was just a bit too out-there for me). one thing i didn’t like about the haunted queen (aside from: how tf is she haunted????) was how jane criticised anne for “stealing” henry from katherine, then went and did the exact same thing to anne. i understand that henry wasn’t bound by marriage (as katherine was now dead) as he was when he married anne but in terms of katherine being like a friend to her and since she’s dead it’s fine to marry her husband? it just doesn’t sit right with me. (and i’m probably writing it in a really weird way that doesn’t make sense to you – sorry).

the plot for the haunted queen was definitely more interesting than both the true queen and a king’s obsession. considering jane didn’t live as long and the books are all relatively the same length, i was amazed. i found the first two books dragged a bit, especially compared to this book. aside from jane being a very likeable character, the haunted queen had a lot more important events throughout.

back to the historical accuracy thing – can alison weir please give other historical fiction authors some tips on how to make your book less like a non fiction biography and more like an actual novel? her writing style is amazing. no doubt she can write a non fiction book and make it feel like i’m reading a fiction one. (trust me, i’m gonna try some of her other works).

anyway, to conclude this review: henry is a dick.

(and the cover is so beautiful, i can’t stop staring at it).


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    Sophie says:

    Can we just agree that this series is amazing? And the covers are gorgeous!

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