i received a copy of the american roommate experiment from simon & schuster au in exchange for an honest review.

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the american roommate experiment review

i started reading this book without realising it was a sequel to the spanish love deception. while it’s technically a sequel, if you don’t plan on reading the first book, i think it can be read on its own. (obviously, if you plan on reading the spanish love deception, i would read that first, as there’ll be spoilers).

firstly, my favourite thing about the american roommate experiment is the realistic romance. armas knows how to write an appealing romantic plot.

secondly, the plot itself was engaging from start to end. despite being a fairly lengthy book, i wasn’t bored for a second. i kept wanting to pick the book up and continue reading.

i also really loved the characters. rosie and lucas were loveable and charming people. i found them to be realistic representations of real people.

my biggest dislike of the whole book is the sex scenes. the ones from this book, coupled with the ones from the first book: i’m convinced armas doesn’t know how to write a proper sex scene. either that, or she engages in the corniest real life sex.

my only other issue with this book is that rosie felt like an author insert. once i realised the similarities between the two, it kept disrupting my thoughts as i was trying to read. (i wish i didn’t know).

overall, i highly recommend this book if you enjoy romance novels. while it’s a sequel to the spanish love deception, i feel like it’s a completely separate book. it’s written in a very different way to tsld.

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    WendyW says:

    It sounds like a good book overall. I tend to speed read through sex scenes anyway, so that part probably wouldn’t bother me.

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      i think i need to start doing it! it’s uncomfortable to read (for the most part). i know some people enjoy it, but it’s not really for me. speed reading sounds like a good idea!

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