i received a copy of dead girls can’t tell secrets from the publisher (via netgalley) in exchange for an honest review.

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dead girls can’t tell secrets review

this book sounds like a riveting read. from the beautiful cover to the promising summary. dead girls can’t tell secrets falls short on it’s promises with boring characters and poor detective work.

being a mystery, were bound to have a multitude of red herrings. the character is supposed to discover clues and investigate each of them in turn. unfortunately, our investigating is just savannah demanding answers from each suspect and moving onto the next one when they insist they didn’t do it.

firstly, how is that a mystery? if i did a crime and someone came to me demanding answers, i’m not going to confess to them. of course i’ll tell them it wasn’t me. why would i willingly give myself up like that? especially when there’s no evidence to prove anything?

secondly, who tf goes up to someone to demand answers? aren’t you scared that they could harm you?

to be honest, i think this book is more suited to a much younger audience (like, maybe middle grade?).

the mystery/investigating aside: the characters were mundane and boring. there was nothing special about any of them. especially savannah. she was insufferable.

the one redeeming part of this book was how easy it was to read. the writing style was easy to follow – i read the whole book in one day.

that’s it. that’s the only redeeming factor to this book.

oh, that and the cover’s pretty.

read at your own volition.


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    Lol, I think I’ll probably skip this one… Reading you rant about it was so satisfying, though! That protagonist’s interview techniques and sleuthing skills sound A++, I gotta say 🤣

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      i’m glad you enjoyed it!

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    WendyW says:

    I enjoyed your review! At least it was easy to read. :). Hope your next one is better!

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      thank you wendy!

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    This sucks. So sad that the book’s content did not match that pretty cover. Also not the main character lacking investigation 101 skills 😂

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      honestly!! 😂😂

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    Ah, I’m sad this was such a disappointment. 🙁 Like you said, the cover looked very promising and the blurb sounded great, so it’s a pity the actual content didn’t live up to that. Great review!

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      i agree. better luck next time, i guess!

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    I’m sorry this was a miss for you. But I wouldn’t give myself up either like that if I did something wrong – heck, I think I’d just look at them strangely and probably say, “I’m sorry, what?” before leaving the conversation. Hope your next read is better!

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      guess we would both leave this story as successful murderers 😂😂

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