i received a copy of this woven kingdom from harper collins nz in exchange for an honest review.

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this woven kingdom review

this woven kingdom was a whirlwind of a book. it was a fresh retelling of persian mythology, which was absolutely beautiful to learn about. the setting was absolutely spectacular. the world building was really well done, and i look forward to exploring the world further in the next book.

the pacing, on the other hand, was very mish-mash. some parts were fast paced and others were slow. it would’ve been better if it was a bit more consistent. the plot also could’ve used some work as it felt like the author was just setting up for the next book rather than focusing on this one.

despite the issues with pacing, mafi’s writing style has changed a lot since the shatter me series (granted, i only made it to book 3 before giving up).

the characters were loveable and relatable. personally, there’s always one that i dislike in a series, but i found i loved them all. i particularly loved alizeh, and want to see more badassary in the next few books. (although i found her skill came out of nowhere. one minute she was lost princess, the next she was killing people with no warning. i’m not complaining, as i loved alizeh for it, but i wish there was a little buildup/backstory.)

i wasn’t the biggest fan of the romance in this book, but it wasn’t insufferable. it was just enough to not put me off entirely (unlike shatter me, which went way overboard).

and then there was the plot twists and cliff hanger at the end????? now i have to wait for the next book????? how will i cope? i look forward to having to reread this when the next book gets released!

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    WendyW says:

    Terrific review! I love that it’s based on persian mythology, something that I don’t know much about.

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      agreed! it’s refreshing.

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    Ahh loved your review!! I’ve only read one book by tahereh mafi before, but needless to say I adored it, so cannot wait to read this one!!!

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      i hope you enjoy it!!

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    Oooo I’m glad to hear the writing style has changed (and sounds like for the better too, because I also thought Shatter Me was a little overboard and personally was turned off from the amount of strikeouts. I haven’t touched the other books since).

    I absolutely love retellings, so I can’t wait to pick up this one! (And hopefully have much better luck than before)

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      fingers crossed that you enjoy it more too!

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    thanks for sharing a review! I’ve been eyeing this. I hate cliffhangers!!! It’s so hard to wait to see where things will go.

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      if you hate them, it might be better to wait for the next books release before picking this one up? i’m hoping i remember it by then lol

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