i received a copy of dead good detectives from harper collins nz in exchange for an honest review.

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dead good detectives review

“sometimes we must sail into a storm, no matter how scared we are” — Bones.

there’s a lot that happens in dead good detectives, but to put it simply: dead good detectives is the story of two twelve year old’s helping a ghost pirate to pass on.

sid is a memorable main character. she’s weird, quirky, and relatable. did i mention she loves maps? i can’t say i loved maps as a kid, but each to their own i guess? i found it really unique. the start of the book features her map that she’s spent a long time drawing up. not only does it include places, but also memories – and i think that’s the coolest part. it’s a map that means something to her.

zen, her best friend, is your typical twelve year old. he loves to play games, particularly catching “ghosts” (/a plastic bag) in the local graveyard. his dedication to sid is truly outstanding. she reveals some weird stuff (ie, seeing a ghost pirate), and he offers to start helping said pirate.

bones is the ghost pirate. he’s easily my favourite character. he’s like a giant teddy bear, but intimidating looking. even though i knew how it was going to end (that is, the “happy ending”), i still couldn’t help myself. i cried, and cried and cried. this poor man suffered so much, yet received so much kindness. (i’ll say no more, as i don’t want to spoil anything).

it’s not all sad either. the characters are goofy and fun. i laughed many times. i couldn’t stop grinning during others. i just want to know why it’s always the middle grade books that have me feeling all kinds of emotions?

i can’t say this enough: please read this book. i don’t care if you “don’t read middle grade books”. do yourself a favour: read it.

tl;dr: i absolutely loved this book.

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    this looks like such a fun & sweet mg story! your review has convinced me to add this to my to-read list 😍 a spectacular & very convincing review Chelsea!

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      yes!! please do read it! (i’m going to consider it my lives work to get people to read this amazing book!)

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    WendyW says:

    A Ghost Pirate! This sounds like a lot of fun

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    This sounds like a fun and cute story. I honestly love reading middle grade books. I’ll have to put this on my TBR.

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      i honestly don’t read them enough, considering every one i read i love! i really hope you enjoy this one, as i can’t recommend it enough!

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    HIIIII IM IN LOVE WITH YOUR REVIEW????? Also the book cover actually,, IT LOOKS STUNNING??? also THIS: “she reveals some weird stuff (ie, seeing a ghost pirate), and he offers to start helping said pirate.” It’s magical how you MAKE ME LOVE THE CHARACTERS already and I HAVENT EVEN READ THE BOOK YET BUT THANK YOU FOR ALL THE CONVINCING AM RUNNING TO CHANGE THAT NOW AND DID I MENTION I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS?????

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      PLEASE!!! i beg everyone to read this book! easily up there in one of the best books i’ve read this year!! (also, ghost pirates sounds so cool!)

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