i received a copy of battle royal from harper collins nz in exchange for an honest review.

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battle royal review

don’t let the cover fall you – it’s more than a pretty book.

i went into this book knowing very little. the main reason i wanted to read this book was the cover (i mean seriously??? it’s stunning!). however it was the characters that really drew me in.

i was intrigued by the bake off storyline, and i’ve never read a book similar! that paired with royal intrigue really makes this an interesting read. (it’s a surprise, and i should be ashamed of myself. i definitely need to pick up more in the future).

battle royal follows sylvie and dominick as they compete to win the contract of the upcoming wedding. while i found this interesting enough, it didn’t feel like there was a lot of competition. although pitched as enemies to lovers, the two became lovers very early on. while this may work for other books, i found it didn’t work so well in this one – only because it took me a lot longer to actually like dominick. i loved sylvie from page one, however dominick took a lot more to convince me.

aside from the one small matter of the romance happening too early in the book, i had no other problems. the book was fast paced and enjoyable. some parts were fairly easy to predict what would happen next, while others i didn’t suspect whatsoever!

overall, i think battle royal was a fun read, and i see myself recommending it more often than i thought i would! it’s perfect for seasoned romance readers and those who only dabble occasionally.

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    WendyW says:

    Nice review! I’ve been wondering about this book.

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      i kept seeing it popping up on my tl and found myself intrigued too!

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    I don’t mind the romance starting too early in a book, but now, since you mentioned it, I am thinking about it. I loved all the food stuff in the book. Between the shops, the show, and the cake competition, I was salivating endlessly.

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      the whole time i was reading it i was thinking: “wow, i could really use a cupcake right now!!” lol.

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    I saw this one on instagram a lot! Glad you had a fun time reading it.

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