i received a copy of portrait of an unknown woman from harper collins nz in exchange for an honest review.

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portrait of an unknown woman review

portrait of an unknown woman is an excellent book for those who love con artists, espionage and theivery (all of these are absolute favourites of mine, although i haven’t read much about it).

along with the beautiful backdrop of paris, and a lovely cast of fun and relatable characters, and short chapters, i couldn’t have asked for a better book to read. did i mention loads of witty banter?

while i haven’t read the other books (i think there’s like 20????) I’ll definitely start working my way through the rest of them 😍. and considering this book is the latest in the series (and i haven’t read the others yet), i think this book is perfect for those to just pick up with no prior knowledge.

all in all, i found this a fast paced read. i finished it in just over a day, so i can’t really complain.

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    no but this basically sounds PERFECT??? i mean, what more do you need in life IF THERES ALREADY CON ARTISTS AND THIEVERY RIGHT?? also paris. I LOVE PARIS. also your review IS FABULOUS AND I LOVE IT

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      i’ll read anything with con artists in it. i’m sold. idc how bad the reviews are, i MUST read it.
      and yes, paris.

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    Sounds like a good read! I know Silvas books are popular where I work but I have yet to try them.

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      i can see why they’re popular! they’re easy reading.

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    This sounds fantastic! I love con artists and thievery. It always makes me think of White Collar. I’m glad you love this one so much!

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      ah yes!! white collar was my favourite show for many years. it’s my favourite type of show – i’m just surprised i haven’t read many books like it.

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    Seems like a book I will enjoy reading. Thanks for the recommendation 😀

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