i received a copy of here for the right reasons from simon & schuster au in exchange for an honest review.

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here for the right reasons review

here for the right reasons is a covid heavy book. prior to picking this one up, i was of the mind that i hated all covid related books. i like to escape reality when i read, not get forced to relive the horrors of real life.

luckily, jodi mcalister did a good job at reworking the covid lockdowns into something unique and fun. i think it worked so well as covid itself was hardly mentioned, and the lockdowns served as a plot device to force the main characters together.

the author has a particular writing style that made it fun and easy to escape into her writing.

the characters themselves were fun to read about. they start out by discussing the importance of platonic relationships between a man and woman. i really loved this as it’s something that fiction seems to forget.

over the course of the book, the two characters do develop into a romantic relationship. while i did enjoy this, i kinda wished that they remained friends (to show that you can be friends without romantic interests). (i can’t fault the book for that though, i still loved it regardless).

if you’re looking for an easy and light hearted book to read, i highly recommend here for the right reasons.

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    This sounds like a fun book. I haven’t read any COVID books yet. It seems too soon for that, lol. I think I’d like this one, though. Great review!

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      i kinda hope it doesn’t make it as a big trend, as i fear it’ll date books rather quickly.

      i do recommend this one if you’re after a nice light hearted read!

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    WendyW says:

    I like easy lighthearted books! This sound great.

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      it was! i love a good lighthearted read.

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    It’s so interesting how different authors are incorporating covid into stories in different ways. Great review!

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      i agree. it’s very interesting to see the different ways of incorporating it.

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