i received a copy of a touch of darkness from hachette nz in exchange for an honest review.

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a touch of darkness review

if you’ve been on social media (booktwt, bookstagram, booktok, etc) then you’ve probably already heard of this book. prior to receiving this book, i’d heard of it several times but never actually picked it up. i assumed this book wasn’t for me due to the explicit sexual content (which i’m generally not a big fan of).

that being said, the sexual content is the one thing that made me decide to give this four, rather than five, stars. i’m sure there’s plenty of people out there who love these kinds of books, so don’t let my one thought dissuade you.

that aside, i found the plot to be very interesting. it was extremely fast paced and engaging. i always appreciate a quick read.

the characters themselves were so-so. i wasn’t persephone’s biggest fan. i actually found her somewhat annoying. while this wasn’t all the time, it happened often enough to bother me.

hades was a quick favourite of mine. i want to know where this story will continue to go, and how he’ll prove to be the opposite of what mythology has taught us that he is.

overall, the story was good. i liked the modern greek gods retlling. i found it creative and different from what i normally read. (although i think it’s become more mainstream since a touch of darkness’s initial release).

have you read any mythology retellings that you absolutely loved?

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    This book sounds like it would be a fun read. I don’t like graphic sex either. I’ll read it if there’s only one scene, but yeah, my thoughts are keep it in the bedroom. 😀 I’m glad you liked it otherwise.

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      i’m glad someone else feels the same re the sex thing. everyone else seems to think the more the merrier. (sigh)

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    AHHH I’m so so glad you liked this!! And yesss THE HYPE SURROUNDING THIS BOOK IS SERIOUSLY INSANE 😭😭 also “hades was a quick favourite of mine” NO BUT I’M HIGHLY INTRIGUED RIGHT NOW?? because HADES?!!! love the review like always!! ❤️❤️

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      he was the PERFECT mysterious man (literally, the definition of tall dark and handsome).

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    Ahhh I’m so so happy you liked this one, I really need to check it out!! Adored your review!!

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      thank you suhani, i appreciate it! i hope you enjoy it too!

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    Great review! I’m a huge fan of these books and I adore Hades haha 😀

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