Today I’m excited to participate in the Creative Blog Tour for A Blossom at Midnight by A.L. Knorr hosted by MTMC Tours. Welcome to the continent of Ivryndi, where flora and fauna magic reign, and an unseelie prince with a mysterious power threatens it all. A Blossom at Midnight is the first book in the The Scented Court fantasy series & it’s available now in digital/paperback + soon in a stunning hardcover edition with a special design under the dust jacket (release date TBA).

about a blossom at midnight

Title: A Blossom at Midnight

Author: A.L. Knorr

Series: The Scented Court #1

Publication Date: January 2022
Genres: Young Adult, Epic Fantasy

Format: eBook, Paperback, Hardcover

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One earns a coveted place among royalty. Another is imprisoned by her betrothed, while the third is exiled until he can prove his worth. Can these three fae prevent a war?

Dreaming of escaping her simple country life and tired of keeping her winged familiars a secret, half-fae Jessica finds herself swept into a breathtaking world of an elite retinue of fae performers known as the Calyx. As she learns to master her abilities, Jess is expected to entertain at glittering balls in the richest kingdom in Ivryndi, alongside far more experienced and beautiful flora fae. She is sworn to secrecy as she discovers the source of their wealth–the perfumes that royals travel from far-flung and exotic kingdoms to possess. As her exciting new life—and magic—blossoms, Jess learns that her mother has been keeping a secret of her own, one that changes everything.

Rejection has left fae courtier Laec wallowing in wine and disdainful of what he sees in the mirror. When Queen Elphame offers him a foreign commission, he jumps at the chance for a fresh start, but when he meets a beautiful and mysterious stranger on the road, he soon learns that healing his heart may inflame the very trouble his queen sent him to prevent.

Beautiful and eligible Çifta believes in the importance of duty. Wishing to please her father, she agrees to marry a powerful unseelie prince. But when she discovers his cold heart and attempts to break the engagement, she suddenly finds herself in chains. Alone and trapped in a damp fortress, she cannot see a way out.

When a visit to another realm sparks a dark turn of events, it sets these three fae on a collision course. Will they wilt under pressure or become a thorny threat to evil?

Welcome to the continent of Ivryndi, where flora and fauna magic reign, and an unseelie prince with a mysterious power threatens it all. If you love stories steeped in the beauty of nature, slow-burn romance, and endearing characters (including a whole cast of insects and mammals) you’ll never forget, enter the dreamy otherworld of A Blossom at Midnight. At over 500 pages, this title delivers an epic-length fantasy experience by an award-winning author.

5 reasons to read a blossom at midnight

unique magic system

a.l. knorr uses a unique take on magic, with extensive worldbuilding and training for jess, our main character. i loved learning every aspect about it, especially as it isn’t something i’ve read about before (and i’ve read a lot about magic). the magic and worldbuilding didn’t make the book drag. i was hooked from start to end. (some books like to info dump at these stages, but a blossom at midnight spread the information out nicely).

slow burn romance

while there’s no spice in this book (which i’m glad about, it would’ve been very out of place and wrong in this book), the slow burn romance really hit the spot! i was rooting for the two characters from about half way. having the romance slow made it more exciting when things actually came about.


each flora fae has their own familiar (which is similar to what we know about witches – except they’re fae). jess has two – a bat and a butterfly, which is considered unusual. both of these familiars have their own unique personalities, and are lovable characters in their on right.

tear jerking

i find moments like these are rare in books (at least for me). whenever a book makes me cry, i know it’s a good book. in a blossom at midnight, there was one significant moment, and another minor one later on. i found i was feeling all kinds of emotions throughout reading.

loveable main characters

oftentimes, when a book has more than one main character, i find myself disliking at least one of them. (don’t ask me why, i hate it too). luckily, i found each character interesting and loveable. not only that, i found their relationships between each other to be enjoyable and realistic.

i will definitely be buying the next books in this series as they become available. i think the author has done an excellent job writing this book. a blossom at midnight is easily one of the top books i read in 2022!

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about A.L. Knorr:

USA Today Bestselling Author, A.L. Knorr is an award-winning Canadian fantasy writer. Readers love her vivid characters and mesmerizing stories of elemental transformation, adventure, friendship, and love. The bestselling Elemental Origins Series can be read out of order, but if you want to read in the order they were written, they are listed below chronologically.

Dive into the new YA noblebright fantasy series; The Scented Court. If you love earth magic, insect and animal characters, slow-burn romance, and fables steeped in the beauty of nature, you’ll love A Blossom at Midnight.

Known for strong female protagonists, realistic magic, adventure and intrigue, sweet romance, and well-crafted plots that keep you turning pages late into the night, A.L. Knorr is a masterful storyteller.

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    Oooh, I love a good slow burn romance. Also the cover is absolutely gorgeous!

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      the cover is gorgeous!

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    loved all the gifs in this review & the book has caught my attention. will try to look into it, lovely review! 🥰

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      i highly recommend it!

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    Ooh I love books about the fae & slow burn romances. New magic systems are always fun to discover too. Plus the Hardback edition sounds so intriguing, I love seeing hidden covers 😍

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