i received a copy of hooked from new south books in exchange for an honest review.

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hooked review

while i tried very hard to enjoy this book, i found that it just wasn’t for me. i was quite disappointed by this, as hooked was a highly anticipated release.

for reference, i didn’t read wendy darling beforehand. i heard you didn’t have to. I’m unsure if it would’ve made this anymore bearable.

the first thing that really threw me off while trying to read this book was the writing style. it was very stiff and the words just didn’t flow nicely. i prefer a book that’s easy to read, as it allows me to get into the story with no disruptions. the writing started to drag after the first 50 pages or so (and i was reading fairly quickly, but it didn’t help). it was just dull and boring.

another issue i had with hooked as the changing pov’s. switching between two main characters is fine, but the added time jumps really confused me. we were jumping all over the place, and some of the scenes felt like unnecessary filler.

i found i struggled to like the characters. they weren’t particularly interesting or likeable. because of this, caring what happened to them was a little difficult. i felt like i was reading a series of events with no emotional attachment.

while this was a book i was really excited to read, i don’t think i’ll be picking up another book by this author. previously, i’ve loved peter pan retellings but this one fell short.

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    WendyW says:

    Yikes! I hope your next one is better

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