i received a copy of city of nightmares from hachette nz in exchange for an honest review.

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city of nightmares review

city of nightmares was a strange book to start. i read the summary and it didn’t sound like the sort of book that i was into. when i actually started reading, i realised how wrong i was. i thoroughly enjoyed reading city of nightmares.

as always, i love to mention the pacing. pacing for me is what makes or breaks a book. (the characters can be shit, but if the pacing is good, i’ll likely enjoy it). city of nightmares is a fast paced book, making it a quick read.

city of nightmares has a lot of interesting concepts and in-depth world building. the world itself is very unique – i mean, people turn into their nightmares as a way to “fight their fears”. it was really fun and exciting to learn about the history and lore of this world.

our two main characters, ness and cy, were exciting to read about. cy was a loveable hero. i felt it made the story more interesting. without him, i probably would’ve been bored. ness, on the other hand, was good at first but started to annoy me towards the end.

as a whole, i really enjoyed this book. i think it’s funny that i thought i wouldn’t like this but ended up loving it anyway.

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    This one sounds very interesting. I’m glad you ended up loving it. 😀

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      thank you! and as am i.

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