i received a copy of seoulmates from harper collins nz in exchange for an honest review.

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seoulmates review

seoulmates is the perfect book for those who love lighthearted, breezy and easy to read contemporary books. (or those, like me, who like to read them to break up all the fantasy books that you read!)

seoulmates is a fairly short book and the fast paced writing makes it a very quick read. i finished this book in one sitting (my goodreads goal is thankful for it 😂). because of the quick paced nature of the book, there was no boring parts. everything felt relevant to the plot.

as for the romance, it’s childhood friends to lovers (with some weird not-quite-enemies in between). the romance was very cute and relatable. (and some squeal into the pillow moments).

the characters themselves were interesting. i liked that we have a korean actor (jacob), as it showcases the sort of life that he has to live (and what other actors probably go through). i felt a lot of sympathy for him in regards to the strict lifestyle he has to live. hannah was a little irksome at times, but she’s young so it’s forgivable. the mum’s of each character are the true MVPs though! i love their family dynamic.

seoulmates wasn’t the sort of book that blew me away. i knew that going into it. i found it wasn’t particularly memorable, although it was still a good book to read. it was the perfect book to read between some more heavier fantasy novels as a mind reset. i really enjoyed the fast paced nature of the book.

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    WendyW says:

    I have this on my TBR

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      i hope you enjoy it! it’s really cutesy.

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    This sounds like a fun read.

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      it certainly was!

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