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Star Rating: ★★★☆☆

zenith is such a weird book to review for me. i both loved it and hated it – i just need to find the words to explain how i felt about it.

the first fifty or so per cent was amazing. i loved it. i thought zenith was going to be one of my new favourite books. then the second half began. honestly, i don’t know why the second half even exists. the book would’ve been amazing had it ended half way. everything had concluded nicely, and i felt content with the plot and characters. the second half could’ve easily been a completely different book as it really wasn’t necessary. it began to drag and become really boring. then zenith would’ve been a good sized novel, not the monster that it actually was.

please tell me i’m not the only one intimidated by large books.

i quite enjoyed the characters. i’ve seen some people compare this to throne of glass, but i disagree. sure, it’s got a kickass leader who happens to have long blonde hair but that’s where the similarities end. if anything, it felt more like a stargate/star trek/star wars inspired book, but hey that’s just me.

i really liked andi at the beginning. i found her very intriguing and relatable, however i don’t think she was deserving of the title “the bloody baroness”. it felt like she was trying too hard and there really wasn’t anything about her that lived up to the title. i’m hoping that the sequel will go into this more but i also have my doubts.

i’ve rated zenith 3 stars because my love for the beginning and my hate for the end. it’s definitely a book that has left me feeling very conflicted. 


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    atakefromtwocities says:

    heard a lot of very weird things about this one. I’m just going to continue to dodge it until the day my curiousity overwhelms me, haha. glad you had some good mixed in with the bad! – H

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      yeah idk if i’ll bother continuing, but i’ve noticed a lot of people either like it or they don’t. it wasn’t particularly memorable.

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