i received a copy of this wicked fate from bloomsbury au in exchange for an honest review.

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this wicked fate review

as far as sequels go, this wicked fate really stepped up a notch from this poison heart. there was in increase in greek mythology, which i absolutely loved. the first book touched on it, but didn’t go into depth like this one did.

bri was more enjoyable as a main character in this book. she had more determination and more obvious goals, making her easy to understand and connect with.

the betrayal plot twist in book one as amazing, but the sequel didn’t have much in the way of “unexpected plot twists”. in saying that, the plot was non stop from beginning to end. there were no “boring bits”, and i was never bored.

as a whole, it was an entertaining read, and i don’t have anything negative to say about it. as far as concluding a duology, this book did a really good job at tying up loose ends.

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    I liked book 1 but didn’t love it as much, that’s why I’m hesitant to pick up the sequel. But great to know it delves more into the mythology, loved reading your thoughts Chelsea! <3

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      i’m usually of the mind that the first book is the best in a series, and was surprised i actually enjoyed this one more. it’s not like it’s a particularly thick book either, it’s a very quick read.

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