i received a copy of the darkening from hachette nz in exchange for an honest review.

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the darkening review

the darkening is a fast paced, fun young adult fantasy that had me hooked from the start. i really enjoyed the writing style, as it allowed for a quick read. coupled with plenty of plot twists, the darkening was non stop.

the characters were easily favourites. vesper was particularly strong willed and determined. she was constantly plowing forward, even though terrible things had happened to her. i have to commend her bravery.

while i don’t say this very often, the darkening had me shed a tear at the end. i find that if a book makes me emotional irl, i know it’s a good book. (the last one to make me feel something like this was last year when i read six crimson cranes. it really doesn’t happen often).

my only critique is the lack of worldbuilding. i mean, there as lots of it, but i wish there was more detail and lore.

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    ahh this looks like such a fun and amazing fantasy, glad you enjoyed it!

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      thank you! do you plan on reading it? (if so, i hope you love it!)

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